Society Today.

Stupidity should not be appraised.


    Hey everyone out there on the interweb, today I’ve decided to write! Thanks to life events, some television show encouragements as well as movies, I have decided maybe I should write. After all sometimes it is good to get things off of your chest by writing I suppose…. Right?

      Todays topic, Social Media! Fun! Ok not so much not to me anyway, sure it keeps you “in touch” also somewhat “social” but does it? Does it really benefit being social? Please, lets discuss.

       So I, as well as a million of other folk on this planet, have a facebook. Today I opened my facebook to comment on a friends post when I noticed something pretty damn peculiar. As I began using my thumbs to produce what my mind was brewing I noticed a few pop ups. Certain words started actually producing emojis to pop up besides the normal name tagging which is generated by spelling out someones name. It kind of freaked me out.

     I know today people LOVE and I mean LOVE using emojis to replace words but is it really educational or necessary? The fucking hell it is. I see this as a kick to society. Now everyone and their damn mother are going to use images to replace words. Hey dont get me wrong some can be funny but In a few years we are going to be going back in time to oh say the Pharoh Egyptian days.

    Ancient egypt used heiroglyphics to write. They associated words with images. If you google or research anything on Ancient Egypt or Pyramids, something is bound to pop up with heiroglyphics. I get it its happened by why are we going back in time? Why are we not advancing the human race as we should be?

      I think its plain stupid. First getting rid of the whole cursive perspective of writing when our forefathers used it, take the Declaration of Independance for instance. Other imporant historical documents have been written and signed the same way. Also, they were signed, in cursive. Just saying.

      Each signature is literally Unique. Over time you bend and shape your signature to YOU. For fucks sakes they cracked cases just determining someone else signed someone else’s name! That is historic! Its like our Thumb print! You can replicate a signature and thumb print (using small tricks and techniques as well as a little practice of course) but why take that away. Yep I remember way back in gradeschool I would practice my moms signature in case I needed to sign a note of some sort, never got it down but still tried! 

       Today, today in society we are making the dumbest of folks famous. We are praising a girl who cant even speak! She literally mumbles shit together to produce sentences. My major question here is “Why the fuck is that acceptable?”. Ok celebrities they act out scenes in which writers produce. I get it its a mental work out. You have to determine tone straight from a sentence and work it out physically. This girl? No shes just a hood rat that thinks she can make people her bitch. We all know in reality she will definitely get the shit beat out of her. Why do people find stupidity entertaining!?!?  How and where do we go from here? Can we recover our broken society? By broken I mean dumb. Sure im not the smartest person in the world, im not “School” educated, but c’mon we all know “Reality Television” isn’t even real. If you think so, you obviously are full of yourself. Sure I sound like a Narcissistic asshole, maybe I am, but why do we thrive on stupidity? Why do we applaud ignorance? Why is it “acceptable”.

What in the F***?

By now some of you can realize what this post will be about, if you thought, the Tide Pod Challenge, your absolutely right. Being twenty eight I am technically a “Millennial”. I don’t see myself as one as I am equipped with a brain that processes thing’s differently then most. I have an over analytical brain where I literally over analyze EVERYTHING!

The over analytical type are those usually stricken with Depression and Anxiety. We have been hurt many times emotionally which we over analyze points in scenarios to avoid it again. So lets put Tide Pods into perspective here. LAUNDRY DETERGENT! It’s a cleaning agent to wash your clothing! Now don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of soap in the mouth as a child for saying some bad things, but intentionally eating laundry detergent? What in the world… who started this and WHY!?

I am not going to lie, I have done some stupid things. For instance, I changed a fuse on a Live electrical box! The difference here is I processed the thought first, yes electricity can be fatal, yes there are things you can do to prevent electrical shock, like say, rubber coated gloves as rubber is not a conductor! My question is where the hell did thinking go? Do we even think about things before we do them anymore?

Like I have said previously. Every thing I do or try to do, I think about it first. In school you know how you learn to decipher a situation or problem? Ya know two columns, one pro, one con? I usually do that for everything I come across. Sometimes the “pros” outweigh the “cons” sometimes its the other way around but I sure as shit can tell you it does help!

As I see us growing and gearing more towards social media, I see more problems arising. Social media has become the influence for many stupid things and it’s getting really out of hand. Everyone is now using social media as an outlet to be lazy and skip the “Real work”. Some of you know what I am talking about. If you don’t know what I am talking about it’s “Manual Labor”.

I see major corporations lacking in manual laborers. I should know I pretty much work for a Company who rakes in at least 300+ billion annually. These companies overlook some of those lazy slobs and still keep them employed while these hard workers are witnessing day after day their how LAZY these people really are. For instance, I am a “Stock Boy” more or less, I stock shelves with product that can be sold to customers. I also clean up after myself. I am responsible for my trash removal, card board removal, and pallet removal as well as fixing products on the shelf so they look presentable.

Right now I am sure most of you are sitting here thinking “Such an easy job!” Well before that I worked for another corporation that compared its Overnight work to military training because of how demanding the job was, I lasted eight years there before handing in my ID because the mental abuse from the supervision staff just got old. That and the fact if you wanted to move up you needed to “Bid” your way up and there were NEVER opportunities to do so because the hardest workers were often overlooked.

Even though I stuck it out, I am sure it opened plenty of opportunities for me because of the eight years I spent there. Most companies see that listing on my resume and probably think, “Well he was with a company that performs on a daily basis and he was there for eight years and he wasn’t fired. He seems like a reliable character.” If you have had 5 jobs in one year I doubt they will choose to hire you over someone who spent most of their time with one. Some places probably will because they have to fill positions but its not a guarantee.

I was raised by a pro-union father who taught me the value of a dollar. I respect that man but I have no communication with him as we both butt heads. We are both Aries, him the seventh me the tenth of April, so you can imagine our hostility towards one another. I also gained his stubbornness. He raised me believing the union was a godsend, well, I actually spent eight years in a union and unions perform similar to non-unionized facilities. Only difference is probably the Health Benefits and Pension. Where I was the union would make deals with management, illegally breaking contract that was agreed upon which ultimately stiffed the workers. Heres an explanation. Where I was, you could file a grievance form against supervision for working. In the contract it stated any form of supervision staff that were to move any work, the time then can be reported and the reporter would then be paid Time and one half for the amount of time those supervisors worked. Now the grievance forms would go straight to a shop steward and then be turned in for review which supervision could deny. Well for the grievances that were turned in and accepted, management would add the time to your weekly worked time amount instead of the proper process which identifies on your stub you were paid for a grievance. So you literally weren’t paid time and a half. This is why union or not I really don’t care. There is corruption everywhere… and I mean EVERYWHERE.

Union, non-union it’s honestly all the same. In non-union buildings I see a daily show of favoritism, should I report it then lose my job because the store GM favors a select few over other employees? I would love to but witnesses are key here. Witnesses and a paper trail. See, the union only gives you that opportunity in a form. If you reported it, it can still be brushed under the rug. Along with non-union, they would catch wind of someone reporting them and correct the issue before an investigation launched and undo that correction after its finished. How I figured that out? MY BRAIN! I have a deep thought process and its often overlooked. I analyze everything.

What happened to the folks like myself? Think about it. The negatives the positives. What good can eating Tide pods do for you? Its harmful chemicals our body will not properly digest because it was not found to be meant for human consumption. At least with my smarts and my work ethnic, I can say I am better then a great deal of these millennials and if you wish to classify me as one thats fine, I assure you I am not though but hey, you will believe what you believe unless persuaded otherwise. My suggestion, be open minded. Ask for advice, ask for opinions. Weigh your options properly. Until next time folks, enjoy…. No not tide pods, take the real tide pod challenge and throw them and dirty clothes into a washing machine! (Yes I do my own laundry I had a mother who taught me while I was young. I can even cook! Go me!)

Lady Karma

So, many folks out there think Karma is a Myth. Let me be the bearer of bad news and explain how Karma is certainly not a myth and when she strikes it most certainly isn’t pleasant!

 So about a year and two days ago exactly, I was forced to leave an ex girlfriend. She was a little crazy as well as her family, and by crazy I mean I tried politely breaking it off and she ended up slamming her face into her steering wheel crying begging and pleading me not to go. Now, I didn’t have a game plan but I was concocting one along the way.

So the next day after her literal freak out incident, she went to the hospital because her nose wouldn’t stop bleeding. Her father, whom I’ve had several quarrels with because he wanted to sit around and have everyone else pay for him as he was still physically able to work, kept answering her phone when she was at the hospital so I kept hanging up. I literally never wanted to deal with him as he never cared for anyone but himself.

Anyways before me calling, I was at work and my friend Evan kept ringing my phone off the hook, before I started ringing her phone off the hook he asks me who this “Nick character is” so I told him it was her sisters boyfriend. He proceeds to tell me he’s threatening him and I through conversation saying he’s going to “Fuck us up” well my hot head I was waiting for it. I’m a short fuse and when you talk to my friends who have nothing to do with this and threaten me I step up to the plate. 

Anyways on to my point, so it’s been a year, I’ve been single, not even a few months after I left I get a message from my friend. “Yo is this Him and Her?” My friend asks about my ex and a friend I used to house. “Is that a joke is that seriously fucking him!?” I said after finding out my friend is now with my ex the one who has no feelings for any animal or any human. She’s like a succubus. Back to the point. Well apparently it was. After that him and his friends start messaging me threatening me and all that nonsense so I blocked them and him from Facebook to prevent any other drama as I’m getting on with my life and I’d rather not be held back.

  A few months pass and so far nothing… Then I hear, “Yo Shawn, her mom just died of a heart attack” said my friend. (Also her family were involved with the animal thing as well as the destruction of some of my belongings after leaving them in a yard full of grass out in the weather ) so bam, one hit of karma which sucks but I never stand between her and her methods. Then time goes by again.

My friend contacts me again, “Yo we are neutral about this but I just spoke to him, apparently her father won the lottery 800,000 and after that he’s saying this is “My house” and he wants him out and he bitched about a 23$ electric bill and he wants to talk to you about this and wants to know what stuff in a detailed list she still has of yours”. So I am thinking, hmm that’s funny… He goes on “apparently dad wants to take her and her sister to the mountains and he said no cell phones”, “wait did you say no cell phones? In the mountains?” He responds “Yea I thought that was weird as shit too.” 

Now on to the daddy. When I lived with her he started yelling at her because she expected to live off of lawsuit money that was non existent, she blew it all. It was mommy and daddies way of living scott free, well he yelled at her “Who’s paying for gas (insert female name here) who’s paying your insurance (insert name here)?” So of course I stepped up to defend her, like an imbiscile, and I got so angry I was so close to start swinging, he was after all directly in my face. I chose the better path walked out across the street into the corn field because I knew I would do a lot of damage. Naturally I knew I’d calm down soon and just stayed away from him.

Anyways time passes he starts understand more as I explain like her money which was made into loans using her CDs as collateral which left her with about a thousand dollars or so left. I spoke to the banker and he explained it. Her house, bought using a CD and cash, her car, a CD. A loan from her own money, stupid right? Well I had to explain to her family what happened with all that money. I was the only one mentally capable to actually FIGURE it out. Her mother clueless, father clueless, sister clueless. Her whole family lacked common sense… Actual they weren’t very intelligent either and this is coming from a highschool drop out. I may not have a piece of paper to say I’m intelligent but after speaking with me, you will know I’m not as dumb as people think, and people do think that about highschool drop outs.

Phew ok so you see the family is a little disturbed, father more then anything, sister is dating a handicapped kid for his money from a lawsuit ( yep yet again someone with money from a lawsuit, see where I’m going here? They won’t work but they will sue! Oh also before mom passed away she was trying for a lawsuit for a “slip and fall” case at a local tennis court) anyways, father worked very little mom was addicted to the lottery. After she passed some how daddy won 800k. Now daddy’s being stingy and not allowing his daughter to have any money and telling her boyfriend ( an ex friend of mine ) to get out. He purchased his one daughter a car him a car and now wants everyone not related to him out of the house. 

  On another note, my ex (insert female name here ) told me when I dated her, that in her teens her father would watch porn openly. This is before 18 which you can understand something is SEVERELY WRONG HERE! The mom prior to that told me her sister once called child protective services on him for child neglect/abuse. Later on I realised “Holy shit this man is a pervert!!!!” Of course I can’t legitimately prove it because NOTHING is on paper but put two and two together and it falls into place. This man worked at a chocolate factory through an employment agency and left that job for a janitorial job at a school, NOT THE FIRST JANITORIAL JOB AT A SCHOOL!!!! I know what your thinking we’ll that could mean a college, I assure you, it wasn’t a college. They wouldn’t tell me the school’s name because they knew what I knew. He was a pervert! So now I hear he wants his daughters and him to go to the mountains ALONE…. WITHOUT THEIR CELLPHONES!!!!! Something sounds off, very VERY off. I walked away so it’s non of my business but now this guy that was my friend needs to talk to me “Man to man” about what events are transpiring. Now I’m in a sticky situation, after what he did to me and said fuck you for being a good friend, I really just want to leave it be and laugh behind his back because HE DOES DESERVE IT! But another side of me because yes I do have a good side, my good side doesn’t even know what to tell him besides I told you so. You should have listened and walked away the first time she cheated on you because I KNEW it would have happened. 

   Well I’m stuck at an intersection here not knowing exactly what I should do. I messaged him that’s the best I can do aside from that, it’s hard to actually determine what is the best way to go about this. I’ll figure it out, but all I know is Karma does exist, and Karma is definitely on my side. Sorry for the ramblings. I’d rather write then bottle! Have a lovely day folks and remember, Karma does exist, so you should be kind to others, unless you’d like a swift kick in the ass from karma 😀

Feeling a bit shameless.

     Although it is a Television show, a damn good one at that, Shameless brings out the feelings in a person. You can’t help but feel for the imaginary family but in all honesty, we all know there are families or a family out there JUST like this.

    Shameless pulls at the heartstrings left and right. This family literally goes through thick and thin. Some can’t help but relate to some of the characters. It’s a fine strong bunch. 

I honestly can’t help but think, damn, these guys and gals have been through complete shit! Again, I know it’s a story of fiction, but EVERYTHING is based off of something. I mean come on now if it’s not directly based off of someone’s life loosely.

I watch as Carl and Liam grow, Carl from thug to wanting to better himself. Lip from uneducated to college boy, Debbie from single mom to well still single mom, I’m sure her character will develop more later, Ian from schizophrenic manic depressant to respected EMT, and Fiona from business manager to owner.

   In my opinion sure the family is quite fucked up. Frank is still an addicted jerk off, Monica, well she’s quite the catch, also, if you haven’t caught the latest season, **Spoiler ahead!**                                                    poor Monica bites the dust. Ruh Roh. No worries I know what everyone was thinking it was a drug binge, but your wrong. I assure you it was natural causes.

     Unfortunately I can’t see the family progress until future seasons are released one episode after another, but I would still love to see how they change. That’s what really keeps my interest up. Seeing them go from rags to riches. Oh come on you honestly think they won’t? I can assure you, with a family as fucked up as the Gallagher’s, you know those kids are bound to go up rather down. Coming from shit or as some call it rock bottom, you know they can only go up from the shit that they have grown from.

     Thanks for the read! I update and post from time to time, write about things I feel necessary to write about, but you’ll see updates on different topics every so often. Thanks again! 

Dating today.

Oh what a lovely topic. Let’s dive into this new age dating trend! Tinder, POF, OkCupid, Match, you name it. What do they all have in common… Empty promises. Your welcome. I just gave you the heads up on that.

    I myself frequent some of these apps not just the find a relationship but to talk to other females. Sometimes I like to just have conversations and make friends.

   I used to live in Philadelphia which was chock full of potential candidates for a date, but now as I moved to Wildwood ( known to be more of a vacation town ) there isn’t much opportinity. Wildwood is an Island. I could probably walk the island from one end to the other within an hour or so. I walk fast so wouldn’t take me to long. Anyway, back to the point.

      I’m nearing my twenty eighth birthday and it seems like I’m never going to find “the one”. It’s hard to even meet new folks these days so, sure, I hope an app helps. Does it? Not quite. Right now everyone’s “home”. Come summer this island is literally Booming with business and new faces. Winter it’s dead. Literally walking home from work the day of daylight savings I felt like I was in 28 days later, the scene of him walking down an empty street, yep felt like that. Just an example of how dead it gets.

    So my luck will probably be in the summer. I know bars aren’t the typical spot to meet someone but I honestly think that’s the only chance I have. In the summer the bars are open late. By late I’m talking 3am not the typical 2am closing time. 

     Although these apps have users in mind not all locations work. Depends on where you live really so all in all I’d suggest going out for a night on the town. I’ve had success once with one app but it literally turned out to be a nightmare. I literally left with the clothes on my back and the last 60 I had in my bank account. The relationship was VERY toxic. Her family was batshit crazy. Glad I walked away in one piece. May have lost a majority of my CDs DVDs and my skateboard but still walked away unscathed. 

     If your wondering, apps aren’t always the best. you need to actually get to know the other person. Meet them, date them, anything to get to know them and honestly, don’t rush sex. You definitely don’t want to become or have them become too attached early. Again, take your time.

     If your wondering, I write what comes to mind what I want to speak about. Your free to read question and comment. 


So I started watching Love. So far its not a bad show. It pretty much describes someone’s negatives and how they fix them to become positives… Sorta. So the two main characters meet by “accident” in a convenient store after the female lead freaks out on a clerk and the male lead steps in to resolve the situation.

     The show so far is filled with all sorts of examples of how to approach and how not to approach someone. The female lead ends up getting mad because her counterpart decides to sleep with someone on the set. I can see her argument but no one decided that they were dating.

    I can imagine how she feels. To some, sex is more spiritual then it is physical which I can slightly agree. Some have no form of emotion because they are afraid to “Feel” so the attatchment doesnt quite happen to them. I honestly dont understand how some have no emotional attatchment, for me its very difficult to not feel. THEY MUST BE ROBOT PEOPLE FROM HELL!

     Ok im joking anyways but really, todays society people just sleep with someone and have no form of attatchment or feeling and its just weird. I don’t understand it. Love is meaningless sex that becomes something magical… In the show not real life by the way… Anyway the show is quite interesting. I binge watched season 1 now on season 2 as it was released… They continue their friendship/relationship after shes seen his instagram post of his fridge being empty. She decides to meet him at the convenient store that they met at to unleash her problems and her worries.

       Actually opening up is probably one of the best things to do EVER in a relationship. Express your feelings. Tell your partner how you feel. Be honest and open without an attitude. Talk about it calmly and be respectful to your partner and TALK IT OUT!

     So far season 2 is them aking it slow. They take the time to actually DATE more. You know the whole go out, eat, get to know one another type thing EXCEPT they did kind of have sex again which thats usually not the best way to go about going back into a relationship but they still date and take the time to get to know one another!

    There are always set backs but they work passed them to try and fix her “slaa” problem. Sex and love anonnymous, which I never knew existed… Anyways its a support group to get people through tough times like NA and AA. Personally I think support groups are beneficial as you can learn from others and understand how others cope with their similar issues.

     Anyway enough of ranting today go watch the show! Netflix has it if you need more info check out IMDB!