Society Today.

Stupidity should not be appraised.


    Hey everyone out there on the interweb, today I’ve decided to write! Thanks to life events, some television show encouragements as well as movies, I have decided maybe I should write. After all sometimes it is good to get things off of your chest by writing I suppose…. Right?

      Todays topic, Social Media! Fun! Ok not so much not to me anyway, sure it keeps you “in touch” also somewhat “social” but does it? Does it really benefit being social? Please, lets discuss.

       So I, as well as a million of other folk on this planet, have a facebook. Today I opened my facebook to comment on a friends post when I noticed something pretty damn peculiar. As I began using my thumbs to produce what my mind was brewing I noticed a few pop ups. Certain words started actually producing emojis to pop up besides the normal name tagging which is generated by spelling out someones name. It kind of freaked me out.

     I know today people LOVE and I mean LOVE using emojis to replace words but is it really educational or necessary? The fucking hell it is. I see this as a kick to society. Now everyone and their damn mother are going to use images to replace words. Hey dont get me wrong some can be funny but In a few years we are going to be going back in time to oh say the Pharoh Egyptian days.

    Ancient egypt used heiroglyphics to write. They associated words with images. If you google or research anything on Ancient Egypt or Pyramids, something is bound to pop up with heiroglyphics. I get it its happened by why are we going back in time? Why are we not advancing the human race as we should be?

      I think its plain stupid. First getting rid of the whole cursive perspective of writing when our forefathers used it, take the Declaration of Independance for instance. Other imporant historical documents have been written and signed the same way. Also, they were signed, in cursive. Just saying.

      Each signature is literally Unique. Over time you bend and shape your signature to YOU. For fucks sakes they cracked cases just determining someone else signed someone else’s name! That is historic! Its like our Thumb print! You can replicate a signature and thumb print (using small tricks and techniques as well as a little practice of course) but why take that away. Yep I remember way back in gradeschool I would practice my moms signature in case I needed to sign a note of some sort, never got it down but still tried! 

       Today, today in society we are making the dumbest of folks famous. We are praising a girl who cant even speak! She literally mumbles shit together to produce sentences. My major question here is “Why the fuck is that acceptable?”. Ok celebrities they act out scenes in which writers produce. I get it its a mental work out. You have to determine tone straight from a sentence and work it out physically. This girl? No shes just a hood rat that thinks she can make people her bitch. We all know in reality she will definitely get the shit beat out of her. Why do people find stupidity entertaining!?!?  How and where do we go from here? Can we recover our broken society? By broken I mean dumb. Sure im not the smartest person in the world, im not “School” educated, but c’mon we all know “Reality Television” isn’t even real. If you think so, you obviously are full of yourself. Sure I sound like a Narcissistic asshole, maybe I am, but why do we thrive on stupidity? Why do we applaud ignorance? Why is it “acceptable”.

Author: staffe2016

I am a 27 year old male with no formal education deciding to write a little, by formal I mean no highschool diploma or fancy Degree but I have decided to record random thoughts about things as it helps me release some things on my mind. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Welcome to my strangely intricate mind.

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