So I started watching Love. So far its not a bad show. It pretty much describes someone’s negatives and how they fix them to become positives… Sorta. So the two main characters meet by “accident” in a convenient store after the female lead freaks out on a clerk and the male lead steps in to resolve the situation.

     The show so far is filled with all sorts of examples of how to approach and how not to approach someone. The female lead ends up getting mad because her counterpart decides to sleep with someone on the set. I can see her argument but no one decided that they were dating.

    I can imagine how she feels. To some, sex is more spiritual then it is physical which I can slightly agree. Some have no form of emotion because they are afraid to “Feel” so the attatchment doesnt quite happen to them. I honestly dont understand how some have no emotional attatchment, for me its very difficult to not feel. THEY MUST BE ROBOT PEOPLE FROM HELL!

     Ok im joking anyways but really, todays society people just sleep with someone and have no form of attatchment or feeling and its just weird. I don’t understand it. Love is meaningless sex that becomes something magical… In the show not real life by the way… Anyway the show is quite interesting. I binge watched season 1 now on season 2 as it was released… They continue their friendship/relationship after shes seen his instagram post of his fridge being empty. She decides to meet him at the convenient store that they met at to unleash her problems and her worries.

       Actually opening up is probably one of the best things to do EVER in a relationship. Express your feelings. Tell your partner how you feel. Be honest and open without an attitude. Talk about it calmly and be respectful to your partner and TALK IT OUT!

     So far season 2 is them aking it slow. They take the time to actually DATE more. You know the whole go out, eat, get to know one another type thing EXCEPT they did kind of have sex again which thats usually not the best way to go about going back into a relationship but they still date and take the time to get to know one another!

    There are always set backs but they work passed them to try and fix her “slaa” problem. Sex and love anonnymous, which I never knew existed… Anyways its a support group to get people through tough times like NA and AA. Personally I think support groups are beneficial as you can learn from others and understand how others cope with their similar issues.

     Anyway enough of ranting today go watch the show! Netflix has it if you need more info check out IMDB!


Author: staffe2016

I am a 27 year old male with no formal education deciding to write a little, by formal I mean no high school diploma or fancy Degree but I have decided to record random thoughts about things as it helps me release some things on my mind. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Welcome to my strangely intricate mind.

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