Dating today.

Oh what a lovely topic. Let’s dive into this new age dating trend! Tinder, POF, OkCupid, Match, you name it. What do they all have in common… Empty promises. Your welcome. I just gave you the heads up on that.

    I myself frequent some of these apps not just the find a relationship but to talk to other females. Sometimes I like to just have conversations and make friends.

   I used to live in Philadelphia which was chock full of potential candidates for a date, but now as I moved to Wildwood ( known to be more of a vacation town ) there isn’t much opportinity. Wildwood is an Island. I could probably walk the island from one end to the other within an hour or so. I walk fast so wouldn’t take me to long. Anyway, back to the point.

      I’m nearing my twenty eighth birthday and it seems like I’m never going to find “the one”. It’s hard to even meet new folks these days so, sure, I hope an app helps. Does it? Not quite. Right now everyone’s “home”. Come summer this island is literally Booming with business and new faces. Winter it’s dead. Literally walking home from work the day of daylight savings I felt like I was in 28 days later, the scene of him walking down an empty street, yep felt like that. Just an example of how dead it gets.

    So my luck will probably be in the summer. I know bars aren’t the typical spot to meet someone but I honestly think that’s the only chance I have. In the summer the bars are open late. By late I’m talking 3am not the typical 2am closing time. 

     Although these apps have users in mind not all locations work. Depends on where you live really so all in all I’d suggest going out for a night on the town. I’ve had success once with one app but it literally turned out to be a nightmare. I literally left with the clothes on my back and the last 60 I had in my bank account. The relationship was VERY toxic. Her family was batshit crazy. Glad I walked away in one piece. May have lost a majority of my CDs DVDs and my skateboard but still walked away unscathed. 

     If your wondering, apps aren’t always the best. you need to actually get to know the other person. Meet them, date them, anything to get to know them and honestly, don’t rush sex. You definitely don’t want to become or have them become too attached early. Again, take your time.

     If your wondering, I write what comes to mind what I want to speak about. Your free to read question and comment. 


Author: staffe2016

I am a 27 year old male with no formal education deciding to write a little, by formal I mean no high school diploma or fancy Degree but I have decided to record random thoughts about things as it helps me release some things on my mind. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Welcome to my strangely intricate mind.

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